Step Up with Stepwell: Getting the Focus Back on Education

While managing Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) compliance, it is easy to lose track of the issue at hand: educating students with disabilities. Local school administrators, technical assistance providers and state administrators often find they spend more time completing paperwork and entering the same data into multiple software systems than implementing the corrective actions they included in their plans to comply with IDEA and improve educational outcomes for students.

Stepwell is designed to cut through the red tape of IDEA compliance and bring education back to the forefront.

Stepwell is an integrated platform built to automate the multiple facets of IDEA compliance. The platform’s powerful technology makes the monitoring and documentation work of every local and state administrator easier, so that compliance becomes a typical, manageable task rather than a major distraction. From speeding up communication between local and state agencies to more effectively managing student-level data, Stepwell provides users with easy-to-follow workflow so educators and administrators can quickly and effectively respond to issues and get back to focusing on students.

Stepwell’s innovative design delivers a web-based, collaborative workspace that handles all the different parts of IDEA compliance by bringing many different processes and platforms together. Instead of having to log into different applications and websites to cross reference plans with results, Stepwell users have everything they need right at their fingertips. Through a single unified platform, Stepwell eliminates the need to fill out multiple forms and transfer data from one environment to another manually.  With all of these redundancies and inefficiencies gone, educators and administrators can spend more time improving program delivery, school and system performance and student outcomes.  

Integrated data, presented in relevant contexts, enables state and local administrators to get a true picture of where the real issues are developing, instead of looking at separate, disconnected data sources to “stitch together” a picture of performance for each indicator. Discovering the truth about underlying issues leads to more comprehensive, efficient corrective action and, over time, better performing school systems.    

By minimizing the headaches of redundant forms and the need to navigate a multitude of different applications, Stepwell transforms IDEA compliance into an efficient and transparent process for all involved. Ultimately, educators and administrators can achieve the most important outcome of all, giving all their students the best possible education.