Learn more about Stepwell.

What is Stepwell?

Stepwell is a collaborative web-based platform providing visibility for all aspects of special education compliance and monitoring at the district, regional and state levels, including Parts B and C compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

Effective Collaboration to Accelerate Results-Driven Accountability

In the high-stakes world of special education, collaboration around results driven accountability is key to compliance and system improvement at every level. Stepwell gives you an effective and easy to use web-based system for your compliance monitoring and reporting needs.

Visibility into Relevant Data for Monitoring and Reporting

Stepwell clears away obstacles to collaboration between a monitor and an LEA team, providing a monitor visibility into timely and relevant data, history, individuals engaged in the work, process, and status related to timelines in the event of a finding.

Embedded Best Practices Every Step of the Way

Stepwell offers full support to manage SEA findings around Parts B and C indicators and general supervision monitoring activities. Stepwell ensures that the work itself is well defined; the right data is available at the right time to inform root cause analysis and provide a firm foundation for improvement planning.

Who is Behind Stepwell

At Red Cedar, we apply precision tools, crafting software that embraces contemporary User Interface and User Experience strategies. Red Cedar dives deeply into the way in which clients will utilize a solution: we start with questions and look at problems holistically. Before making decisions about which technology tools to employ, we explore with our clients the many dimensions that any software development effort presents – architecture, workflow, data, visualization and analytics. With that understanding in hand, our software engineers go to work!

Our Team

The strengths of the Stepwell team are rooted in our K-12 teaching backgrounds and our first-hand experience working with state monitoring agencies. Having dealt with many struggles that come with IDEA monitoring, we built Stepwell to solve the headaches of day-to-day compliance work and also get at the root causes of these issues to get impactful results.

Our company, Red Cedar Solutions Group, has extensive expertise in building educational support systems. Our past experiences in building data systems for the Michigan Department of Education and developing our own apps for educational improvement have guided us in our creation of Stepwell. Stepwell is the culmination of these efforts and our team is confident that it will bring visibility and improved results to special education.