Get the Tech: Making it Easy with Software as a Service

Blog Post

Information technology evolves rapidly, more so than in most other industries. As innovative as this may be, it poses some challenges in the workplace when older systems built with outdated architectures and technologies require modernization, or are retired in favor of a new application that will likely meet the same fate several years down the line. The process of innovation is relentless. With older deployment models, so seems the cost of operating IT systems.

In the traditional client-server model, software resides “within” the entity that purchases it and runs there until the next innovation cycle comes along. IT operations units expend significant resources and time supporting systems, migrating data, integrating technologies, building reports, monitoring network performance and security, training users, and troubleshooting system errors and failures.  

And so it goes. On-premise deployment is expensive, often complicated and requires customers to bear most of the responsibilities that follow the sale. Implementations bear the weight of multiple phases. What is the plan to roll out the new software in the local environment? A “go live” phase follows, wherein new users are gradually added until all is functioning and all that remains is ongoing operations. While this is understood to be “best practice,” in reality it often doesn’t go according to plan. Implementation and configuration can often distract the organization from providing the critical training and support that users need for smooth adoption of a new system. As we all know, this usually leads to user dissatisfaction and resistance. Ultimately, the organization is left questioning the value of the investment it has made.

Fortunately, in recent years we have seen the “as a Service” deployment model enter the mainstream as an option for enterprise class software applications.  Since Stepwell runs in the cloud and can be purchased as a service (SaaS), your responsibility boils down to this:

Just use it.

No building from scratch, no hectic implementation roll-outs, and no additional costs for operations. All you need is a browser. By running in the cloud, Stepwell is responsible for all application maintenance and updates. With our designers and developers constantly managing the software, usability, accessibility, security, and more are all “off your plate.”

Stepwell’s SaaS model lets you pay as you go. Implementation is simplified to primarily loading data, testing, and training users. What does this mean for you? More time can be spent getting value from the software.  

With Stepwell’s Software as a Service model, we take on the responsibility of design, development, and maintenance so that you can save time, energy, money, and enjoy peace of mind.