Get the Tech: A Walk in the Cloud – Product Development with the Microsoft Stack

Blog Post

A house is only as good as the materials used to build it. The same goes for software; its strength and reliability derive from the technology and processes used to develop it.

Stepwell is built with the Microsoft stack. This means that it benefits from the use of standards-based technologies like the .NET framework, IIS, AJAX, REST, HTML5, and SQL Server. In addition, it runs in the Microsoft cloud (Azure) which means it is scalable, secure, and more cost-effective for its users. All of this equates to a more direct path to dramatic increases in productivity, return on investment, and user satisfaction.  

Ongoing improvements

The pace of innovation prevalent in today’s software industry is driven, to a large degree, by continuous improvements to both core technologies and the software engineering tools that enable the creation and delivery of the products we use every day. As a standards-based set of technologies, the Microsoft stack is no different. These frameworks, applications, platforms, libraries, and models are mature, proven, and well-understood. The use of core technology from Microsoft ensures that Stepwell is a viable, supportable, and expandable product and that it will remain so for the long run. Stepwell has been designed and built with these characteristics at its core.

Keeping it Cloudy

Building in Azure means our development team has complete and continuous access to the most comprehensive suite of software engineering technologies, tools, and services available today. Microsoft’s global infrastructure is guaranteed to be stable and secure. Keeping all of our essential elements in one reliable, secure, and virtual place gives our team a streamlined and efficient development process. Running in Azure gives our support team unmatched deployment flexibility to expand and contract the scope of operations and resource consumption based on customer usage and demand patterns.

A rapidly expanding community

Finally, the Microsoft community offers us insight into the capabilities and functions of its various technologies. Collaboration, advice, and assistance is always available from both Microsoft and the growing number of Azure subscribers, partners and marketplace participants.This enables the Stepwell team to focus more time on one of the most important tasks of all—sufficiently training our new users!