Step Up with Stepwell: Monitoring Workflow

At first glance, IDEA Parts B and C compliance is a swirl of IEP meetings, documentation, deadlines, data analysis, and handoffs between local and state education agencies. Keeping track of workflow can be a daunting task, especially for the educators and administrators who have an abundance of other responsibilities with their own demands and deadlines.

Stepwell resolves the confusion by providing the answer to this simple question: Who needs to do what, when?

Keeping track of tasks and deadlines is more than a feature. It’s a necessity that has been built into the Stepwell platform from the very beginning. Stepwell provides several methods of workflow tracking to communicate this information to its users. One of these is the “My Tasks” tab. Users can find an up-to-date, organized compilation of the tasks they need to complete by navigating to this prominent area of the navigation. The data bytes that visualize state data are also used to provide quick updates on compliance progress on the user’s dashboard. Users will also receive notifications when they receive a new task or a deadline is approaching.

In addition to these features, Stepwell provides educators and administrators with reports and visualizations of workflow status. These include the following:

Embedded roadmap visualizations

Completing a corrective action is a year-long process that involves specific time frames, deadlines, and hand-offs between local and state workers. In order to provide all user types with a quick overview of progress, Stepwell integrates this workflow “roadmap” into each individual corrective action:


This roadmap fills in as activities are completed, and clarifies which party is responsible for the next one. The design is simple to allow for easy comprehension.

Workflow activity log

Just as it’s important to know what needs to be completed next, it’s also essential to keep a record of previous activity. Stepwell’s workflow activity log allows educators and administrators to filter the data according to activity, date, or user in order to best display who worked on a task and when it was completed. These logs update automatically and remain stored in the system.

image of workflow activity log

Interactive activities report

Administrators are responsible for more than completing their part of an IDEA Parts B and C compliance activity. They also need to monitor the progress of a multitude of local education agencies, and identify which ones might be in need of assistance. Stepwell resolves this challenge by compiling this information into an interactive activities report, seen below:

This report allows its users to filter the data by type, location, topic, and closeout due date. They can interpret trends across the state or close in on the progress of specific areas.


All of these tools and features work to improve the IDEA Parts B and C compliance process for all users. By removing the disorganization and miscommunication that can muddle the entire process, Stepwell gives educators and administrators the opportunity to tackle improvement strategies in a clear, streamlined manner.