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Configure Stepwell for your District


Add locations to your Stepwell site: Read the Locations Data Instructions document and download the Locations Data Template.


Add student data to your Stepwell site: Read the Student Data Instructions document and download the Student Data Template.


Read the Stepwell Users Instructions document and prepare the Stepwell Users Template to identify the users you want to add to your Stepwell site and assign roles to them. You can upload this template via Stepwell’s User Management module to quickly add users to your site.


Read the Stepwell District Findings Letter Text Instructions document, and prepare the Stepwell District Findings Text Template to use when you create your first monitoring activity in Stepwell.


As you prepare your locations and students documentation, Stepwell will provide five members of your district team with access to the Stepwell District Demo site to explore activities and workflows with fictitious location and student data. Download the SW Demo User Template and send it to xxxsupport@stepwelled.com